As a former NFL Tight End, Nate Lawrie knows how important a well tuned body is for maintaining peak performance. As Nate transitioned from football to business he envisioned a concept for a better foam roller that could fit in a backpack or suitcase like folded clothes. Many prototypes, athlete tests and a Kickstarter campaign brought the Morph Collapsible Foam Roller to life. Since Tom Hopkins, former professional Decathlete, joined Brazyn, the duo has appeared on Shark tank, developed new products and built momentum – they are definitely enjoying the ride!

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Show Notes:

1:10    The Brazyn Story, getting the most out of life

4:50    Why athletes make great employees

7:15    Tale of the Tape, bring listeners into the studio

8:35    Nate’s NFL Combine 40

9:55    Nate’s Yale single season catch record

14:10  Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

15:20  Yale/Harvard rivalry t-shirts, Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn’t matter

16:45  How did football lead to Brazyn

20:00  Tom and the Decathlon

21:10  Santa Barbara Track Club

22:40  Tom’s microphone voice

23:20  Left Hand Lions, @lefthandlions, Release of Westward on Spotify and ITunes

25:15  Shark Tank

28:48  Market testing with Drew Brees

30:00  Everybody should foam roll

31:50  Kickstarter is a great marketing platform

33:45  Low points

36:40  Creating culture and making time for the surf

37:40  Advice for entrepreneurs

39:55  #GoT, Roll Like a Dothraki, fun content

42:10  Brazyn Life brand identity – life is a series of finish lines

43:40  New products – massage stick and more

43:05  Pop Quiz – get to know these guys a little better