“I put my whole life into cycling and it’s been worth it and it’s paid off” – Dave Lettieri

That’s a powerful statement and a great story. Dave’s singular focus and winner’s psyche led to multiple junior national championships; participation in top international competitions representing Team USA in the Goodwill Games, PanAm Games and the 1988 Olympics; working as Lance Armstrong’s mechanic for the 2000 Tour de France; and being a beacon for cycling in Santa Barbara and beyond.  You’ll definitely want to listen on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud! (links below)

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Show Notes:

1:35     FasTrack snark & spunk

2:50    Scrappy Scranton style

5:25    Winner’s psyche in the velodrome

6:50    Climbing movies – Dawn Wall (Tommy Caldweel), Free Solo (Alex Honnald)

9:25    Junior Naional Champion, Team Pursuit

12:00   Pursuit explained

16:45    International competitions

19:45    1984, Team USA legal blood doping

23:25    Lack of success for first time in life

24:00   Managing pro team in LA

27:30    Origins of the store – selling online before online shopping

29:00    Lance comes to Santa Barbara, the Tour calls

34:40    Pop Quiz

36:40    How consumers shop

38:30    E-Bike trends, classes, uses, technology & insights

46:20    Shared economy – bike and scooter rental insights

48:00    Santa Barbara bike lanes/paths