I recently interviewed Tim Cole, VP of Events for Mascot Sports. Based in Oakland, CA, Mascot is helping to define the evolution of running events by focusing on the experience, local partnerships and sustainability. 

Their impact is felt at the local, regional and national level. When Warner Bros. film studio decided to harness the positive demographics and enthusiasm of female runners to promote Wonder Woman the movie, Mascot got the call. Now, fresh off the successful five city run in California, The Wonder Woman Run Series is expanding to 10 more cities across the country. 

From comic book Icon to architectural Icon…Mascot just successfully executed the inaugural Bay Bridge Half Marathon. Now, Mascot is taking a minute to honor their roots and launch the Oakland Running Co. to celebrate and unite Oakland’s vibrant running community. 

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Show Notes:

2:00     Inaugural Bay Bridge Half Marathon

6:00     What is Mascot Sports?

11:00    Endurance Sportswire

13:00    Race Evolution

15:00    It’s about the experience

19:45    Cupless event – reusable SpeedCups designed by Oakland’s HydraPak

20:30   Beer

22:00   Liquid Medal – Runner’s Hi.P.A. from Altamont Beer Works

22:20   HydraPak SpeedCup

24:20   No more safety pins! – BibBoards

25:30   Expo In a Box – The RunnerBox

27:40   Wonder Woman, Warner Bros.

30:35   We help sell movies!

32:00   Upcoming Events – Mascot Sports Events