PhysioPhyx BLAZE – 30 Single Serve Packets


Light Up Your Sport

Hydration Fuel for Maximum Energy, Power, Speed and Performance

Plus Electrolyte Support

In athletic events, the two major causes of a drop in performance are thermal stress caused by dehydration and depletion of the body’s energy stores (muscle glycogen and blood glucose).

Using PhysioPhyx BLAZE before, during and after exercise is a highly effective strategy to help overcome these issues.

What’s In It?
PhysioPhyx BLAZE is an all-natural, evidence-based blend of Carbohydrates + Electrolytes. The high-octane carbohydrate blend of dextrose and fructose is absorbed rapidly through multiple pathways and immediately available for your energy needs.

Electrolytes lost in your sweat are replaced by the sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium in BLAZE.

How’s It Work?
Researchers refer to the carbohydrate blend of dextrose and fructose as “multi-transportable” carbs. Each nutrient follows a different digestive pathway, and when co-ingested, both transport pathways are utilized, which increases the total capacity for carbohydrate absorption. The benefits are faster absorption of the carbs and increased fluid transfer from the digestive system.

Electrolyte depletion rates for athletes depend on many factors, particularly the intensity and duration of the exercise, environmental temperature, level of humidity and the individual physiology of the athlete; BLAZE’s supportive levels of electrolytes ensure you replace essential elements that help maintain cellular fluid levels plus provide the electric charge to send nerve impulses and contract muscles.

Why’s It Better?
There are significant performance benefits gained by ingesting multi-transportable carbs. One being the increased fluid transfer from the digestive system, this really helps to eliminate the stomach distress that a single carb source might cause while also providing improvements in thermal control and hydration – both of which have the potential to inhibit performance.

The biggest benefit, however, is that multi-transportable carbs can increase the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates from a max of 60 grams per hour to as high as 90 grams per hour (a 65% increase). This boost in carbohydrate utilization means you – the athlete – may experience improvements in exercise capacity, time to exhaustion and power – all certainly critical to performance.