The PhysioPhyx Difference

Our mission is to help you reach your full athletic potential by offering products that have no peers in terms of the level of supporting science, quality of ingredients, clean label, taste, versatility and most importantly, athletic performance benefits.

Our precise formulations focus on key nutrients working together to maximize carbohydrate and protein utilization, enhancing their ability to help you overcome the physiological stress and adaptations experienced during training and competition – leading to optimal athletic performance.

Multiple Transportable Carbs

Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, All-Natural

PhysioPhyx uses a high-octane blend of 2:1, Dextrose:Fructose multi-transportable carbs. The benefits are faster absorption and increased fluid transfer from the digestive system. This really helps to eliminate stomach distress. The biggest benefit however is an increase of the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates from a max of 60 grams per hour to as high as 90 grams per hour (a 65% increase) – 90 grams provides 360 muscle fueling calories. This means more energy is available and more energy leads to better performance, especially in events lasting more than 2 hours.

Trained cyclists have completed time trials 8% faster with this blend compared to ingesting Glucose (Dextrose) alone.


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PhysioPhyx Products fortified with Multiple Transportable Carbs:

  • LPR Raspberry Lemonade
  • LPR Chocolate – New
  • BLAZE Raspberry Lemonade – New


Plant Sourced, All-Natural

Leucine is the metabolic trigger for muscle synthesis (repair and growth) and fortifying with Leucine can increase muscle synthesis by up to 33%.

PhysioPhyx is the first endurance based recovery product to contain clinically effective levels of leucine in each scoop (4 total grams per scoop).

PhysioPhyx LPR helps improve protein utilization, more effectively minimize muscle soreness and muscle damage, while at the same time stimulating muscle repair, remodeling and adaptations.


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PhysioPhyx Products fortified with Leucine:

  • LPR Raspberry Lemonade
  • LPR Chocolate – New


rBST-Free, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, Grass-Fed Cows

No secrets here, PhysioPhyx uses a whey protein isolate – the most complete and fastest-acting protein source available. This means the protein is ready to go to work immediately to help repair and rebuild muscles damaged from moderate to intense workouts. Minimizing muscle damage and soreness, and stimulating muscle repair is vital for an athlete to receive the maximum benefits from their training efforts.

PhysioPhyx Products fortified with Protein:

  • LPR Raspberry Lemonade
  • LPR Chocolate – New