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medical fitness coaching

Say goodbye to guesswork in your workouts. At Physiophyx Physical Therapy, our team is dedicated to guiding you towards confidence and achieving your fitness objectives the right way. Continue reading to discover more about our Medical Fitness Coaching and Training Programs at Physiophyx Physical Therapy.

How The Medical Fitness Training Process Works

Step 1: Goal Setting & Data Collection

Embark on your journey by engaging with a physical therapist during your initial consultation. Here, we delve into your current performance and aspirations. Your fitness objectives are paramount to us as we evaluate your strength, range of motion, and agility to ensure readiness for a comprehensive strength and conditioning regimen.

We take into consideration any limitations or imbalances, alongside your personal history, to craft an optimal plan aimed at maximizing your training potential while minimizing injury risks.

Step 2: Program Creation and Implementation

Building upon the insights gained in our initial assessment, we curate a tailored, periodized training regimen tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

Your journey continues with one-on-one, expertly guided strength and conditioning sessions. Here, you’ll acquaint yourself with new exercises, receive form guidance, and engage in invigorating workouts.

Step 3: Ongoing Assessment and Plan Revision

Stay connected to your program through our athlete management software, which offers insights into workout frequency, sets, reps, and weights.

As your journey progresses, our Oakland strength coaches continually monitor your advancement. Should any aspect of your plan fall short or fail to align with your goals, adjustments are made to ensure tangible progress towards your aspirations. We are committed to your success, ensuring you feel empowered as you make strides towards achieving your fitness goals.

Training Programs in Saginaw

At Physiophyx Physical Therapy, we recognize the overwhelming array of fitness options available today. We understand the significance of finding a workout program that effectively supports your goals, which is why we’re dedicated to assisting through our Medical Fitness Coaching program.

Clients choose us because we understand their capabilities and know how to tailor programs to help them achieve their fitness aspirations while considering past injuries, movement patterns, and daily lifestyle.

Upon joining our program, your coach will receive your discharge report from your Oakland therapist to customize your program according to your unique needs.

Imagine the relief of not having to worry about exacerbating your condition with every movement! Our aim is to alleviate concerns and optimize performance, enabling you to reach your fitness goals and unlock your full potential.

Access your workouts, nutrition guidance, and communication with your coach all conveniently through our app. Each exercise includes high-quality instructional videos for tips and techniques, and you can even sync data from your smartwatch for your coach to monitor activity and intensity levels.

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