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Neck and Headache Pain

physical therapy patient experiencing neck pain

Are You Struggling with Neck Pain and Headaches, Making Everyday Tasks Challenging?

Does this sound familiar?

You anticipated the discomfort to fade away within days or weeks, but it persists.
You’ve tried various at-home remedies like heating pads, ice, and TENS devices, but to no avail.
Did massages offer temporary relief, only for the discomfort to return shortly after?
You sought medical help, received injections, or took prescribed medication, but the relief was short-lived.
Previous attempts at physical therapy didn’t yield the desired results.
You’ve adapted by avoiding activities that worsen the pain, but it’s impacting your daily life, right?
We’re Here To Help You Find Lasting Solutions.

Common Neck Disorders We Address:
Typical Causes:
Physiophyx Physical Therapy 's Approach to Neck and Headache Pain:
Important Considerations:

Tissues Recover: The body can heal itself, but sometimes needs assistance to progress from the inflammatory stage to recovery.

MRI and x-ray results may not correlate with pain, indicating tissue damage without symptoms or vice versa.

Post-exercise soreness isn’t alarming but indicates tissue adaptation and strengthening.

Returning to previous activities is achievable with proper guidance, mechanics, and progressive loading.

Ready to Address Your Neck Pain and Headaches?
Speak with Sharmaine Longsworth, DPT, at Physiophyx Physical Therapy in Saginaw, Texas, to explore effective solutions and reclaim your comfort and mobility.

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